Voluntold Veteran LLC, a veteran-owned company near Boston, offers unique trekking adventures with a military twist. Enjoy exceptional wilderness instruction, expedition planning, and team-building experiences.

About Us

Voluntold Veteran LLC was founded in 2023 by Jeremy. He is a combat veteran (disabled) of the OEF / OIF conflicts. An avid learner at heart, he has graduated with 3 Associate Degrees in different studies.

His passion has always been the outdoors and nature. That, and his love of radio communications (currently studying for the Extra Class HAM License) make him a different breed.

Jeremy's ability to adapt and overcome allows him to be flexible; while maintaining composure.

Are YOU ready for a challenge? C'mon City dwellers and screen watchers... Sign Up for YOUR Next Big Adventure!

My Mission

Tis I, Jeremy, and I will be your Guide. Through the backwoods, along the river ways, and in the field of knowledge, I am committed to providing an Experience Second to None.

My background is vast. I'm what one would call a "Jack of All Trades." Why? I love to learn! Every day is a new experience and I am grateful to share my experiences with you.

We as a society have forgotten what the outdoors has to offer and I look to bring it back. It's more than just for fun, it's also therapeutic. With all the hustle and chaos in the world, welcome the chance to slow things down and float, setup camp, have a quiet fireside meal as the sun rises or sets. Sure as hell beats the morning rush hour traffic, Right?

What the wilderness also offers is a chance to reconnect on a much deeper level versus today's Screen Fixation. There is nothing like being out in an area with no cell coverage and being with a group of people who you just met. It builds a different kind of bond. It's almost primitive...

This lifestyle isn't for everyone, though, the skills you learn will enhance your worldly experience. It's more than just learning to be a part of nature... It's remembering to be a part of Life.

Come Join Me, We have Adventures to go On!

Wilderness Expertise

USAF Survival Evasion Resist Escape - 2000
Jack Mountain Bushcraft Canoe Expedition 2018 - Certified
Jack Mountain Bushcraft Snowshoe Expedition 2019 - Certified
Jack Mountain Bushcraft 9 Week Immersion 2019 - Journeyman Certified
CPR Certified 2023

Military Expertise

USAF 2000 - 2008 TACP: OEF 2003 / OIF 2004, 2006
USANG 2008 - 2012 Cable/Antenna Technician

Veteran Support

Veteran Outreach (Private) 2010 - Present
Veterans Choice Consulting LLC of Arkansas 2021 - Present : Volunteer Outdoor Recreation Consultant

Community Support

Brookfield Conservation Committee Member 2022 - Present

Not Much Has Changed...

What's Happening

Ongoing Ventures:

Voluntold Veteran is currently finishing projects in the local area with McPherson Construction.

As part of our growth, we will be exploring the Bennett Freedom Farm (Veteran Owned), as a possible launch point for Trek with a Vet operations.

We are scheduled to be in Arkansas assisting Veterans Choice Consulting LLC for the upcoming eclipse.

Upon return, Voluntold will have one more project with McPherson Construction before launching the Trek with a Vet campaign.

Voluntold will also be working with the Brookfield Conservation Committee to aid in trail mapping and clearing.

Current Initiatives:

Building the Voluntold Veteran LLC website
Posting Trek with a Vet schedule
Booking business consultations
Promoting Veteran and Local companies

Upcoming Missions: Schedule Coming Soon!